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Re: Bug#677865: Re: Bug#677865: dpkg-gencontrol warns about 'File::FcntlLock not available'

On 26/05/14 22:11, gregor herrmann wrote:
> On Mon, 26 May 2014 22:41:13 +0200, Jens Thoms Toerring wrote:
>> Is there any chance of someone temporarily giving me an account
>> on a type of machine where the tests fail or 
> https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/CompileFarm

If it's of any use I do have an account on the GCC Compile Farm,
obviously I can't give access to that account myself.. as access is via
SSH key... but if needed I can try some builds over there

Daniel Lintott
GPG Key: 4096R/5D73EC6E

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