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DebConf14 and pkg-perl sprint

1) DebConf14

Registration for sponsored accomodation/food/travel for DebConf has
closed ~2 days ago, so I guess most people should know by now if
they're attending.

Feel free to satisfy my curiosity about who's coming and help me
adding a roommate preference in summit (once the field reappears
there) :)

If there are no objections, I plan to submit the usual Debian perl
Group BOF, once the CfP opens.

2) pkg-perl sprint

As you probably know, there won't be a DebCamp before DebConf this
year, but it has been suggested by Lucas that teams might organize a
sprint in this time:


And there might be help from the local team with the organization:

So, the question is if we want to organize a pre-DebConf sprint,
following https://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/HowTo .

I always found it very productive to have a couple of days to work on
pkg-perl matters together with others from the team, so I'd be in
favour of a sprint in Portland, OR from eg. Tue 19th to Fri 22nd
August (DebConf arrival/accomodation starts at Friday, IIRC).

As for possible topics, I think we have enough things we could do.
Starting a quick brainstorming, the following points come to my mind
(based on https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/OpenTasks ):

- Perl 5.20 transition
  Judging from experience, there will be some work to do after 5.20
  hits unstable, as in fixing remaining RC bugs, NMUing non-team
  packages, changing alternative dependencies etc.
- autopkgtest (DEP8)
- jenkins (rebuilding reverse (build) deps after uploads)
- deal with remaining RC bugs from 5.18 / package removals
- integrating upstream git repos into our workflow / finishing tools
  in pkg-perl-tools
- enable hardening flags for remaining arch:any packages
- split up remaining bundle packages
- switch repackaging to Files-Excluded
- package cleanup in git (never uploaded packages)
- continue to forward patches upstream

So, what do people think about the idea of a sprint, and who would be
interested to participate?


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