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Re: Bug#744224: Padre does not start, aborts with Segfault,

On Friday 11 April 2014 17:00:15 Romeyke, Andreas wrote:
> If you type 'padre' into your xterminal, it segfaults.

Indeed. The segfault was triggered by wx update to 3.0

Unfortunately, fixing this is going to take a while:
- libwx-scintilla-perl does not build with wx 3.0
- libwx-scintilla-perl upstream is not much active (if at all)
- I've recently seen that libwx-scintilla-perl contains convenience copy of 
wxscintilla (which may be dead upstream) and scintilla (still active). This 
will need to be sorted out.
- padre project team is mostly reduced to one active dev (bowtie)

I've mentioned the issue to bowtie. He's trying to contact Wx::Scintilla 

All the best

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