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Re: Bug#722949: Offer to take this package under debian-perl umbrella

On Tue, Sep 17 2013, Dominique Dumont wrote:

> Hello Manoj

> If you want, debian-perl team can look after liblog-log4perl-perl
> which is now outdated in unstable.

        Today was my last day at Amazon; and now that I do not have to
 pass all my external contributions through legal, things are better. I
 have uploaded a new version today. Having said that, there is no reason
 not to have this package be team maintained, so I do think this would
 be better for the project if the debian-perl team was involved.

> Just tell us if you're fine with us taking over?

        I am perfectly fine with that.

> If yes, do you wish to be kept as Uploader?

        I would appreciate that; perhaps I can continue to help with
 this package.

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