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Re: Upload request

On Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:45:34 -0800, Dima Kogan wrote:

> >> I packaged two CPAN modules I use often, and I'd like to get them
> >> uploaded.
> > I've reviewed them now and added some comment to their d/changelog.
> Thanks for the comments. I made the changes to the packages.

Great, thanks.
I'll look at them shortly.
> Many of the issues should have been been handled by dh-make-perl. I
> don't have time to change dh-make-perl right now, but I'll make a note.

Sounds good, thanks.

I was wondering if dh-make-perl could use Config::Model::Dpkg for
the dependency resolution stuff somehow.
> I did not know about xvfb; thanks for that!

You're welcome!
> Regarding the upstream debian/ directory, we talked about that earlier
> (much earlier), and dh-make-perl now removes it as part of the import.
> This was a patch from me maybe a year ago. I haven't needed to import
> new package versions, so I haven't seen debian/ clashes at new version
> import time. 

Ah, cool.

> If that's a problem, dh-make-perl should add that gbp.conf
> tag. I'm putting that on the list too.

Ack, good idea, thanks.


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