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Re: Pinto package.

Hi Gregor,

On 08/26/2013 09:57 PM, gregor herrmann wrote:
On Sun, 25 Aug 2013 21:12:17 +0000, Oleg Gashev wrote:

   - I guess pintod should be started in .postinst insted of stopped, and
    stopped in .postrm

It's actions automatically added by dh_installinit.

I see in the source package:

% cat debian/pinto.postinst
     invoke-rc.d pinto stop



# Automatically added by dh_installinit
if [ -x "/etc/init.d/pinto" ]; then
	invoke-rc.d pinto stop || exit $?
# End automatically added section

"invoke-rc.d pinto stop" added to debian/pinto.postinst file for
restart pintod.


I removed call invoke-rc.d pinto stop from script. Script work correctly without it.

Thank you.

Best regards, Oleg Gashev.

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