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Re: Test-Refcount FTBFS

On Wed, 07 Aug 2013 17:53:42 +0200, Emmanuel Seyman wrote:

(cc'ing the debian perl group's mailing list)

> Hi, Gregor.

Hi Emmanuel,

and thanks for your mail!
> My name's Emmanuel Seyman and I'm the maintainer of perl-Test-Refcount, the
> package containing Test::Refcount, in Fedora. We're going through the process
> of rebuilding all perl packages against perl 5.18 and, like you, we're realized
> the package doesn't build against the newest version of Perl.

Nice to hear from other guys working on Perl modules.
> Have you figured out why this is happenning? If not, would you like a hand in
> trying to sort this out?

No, I don't know more than what he have in the Debian Bug Tracker
[0], and I've just forwarded it to CPAN RT [1].

I think I haven't investigated personally yet, but maybe someone else
from the Debian Perl Group knows more.

And working together to fix this bug (and others maybe?) sounds like
a good plan, thanks for the offer!




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