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Next generation packages.debian.org


Short story: developers needed for improving the web application 
behind packages.debian.org. djpig cc-ed because of a rumour of 
existing attempt of such an improvement.

Long story:

A couple of days ago DSA upgraded one of the hosts that is serving 
packages.debian.org. Since then, apache processes seem to hang after 
some time hogging CPUs and the service is unresponsible.

During discussions, DSA requested that the web application should be 
changed so that:
 - it lives outside of the web server process; preferably in fcgid 
 - it uses a real database that could be mirrored easier than BDB 
   (which they say is a nightmare to mirror)
Another idea is to make the application only present information and 
do no aggregation whatsoever. FTP-masters are ready to provide 
anything that is needed for this to work.

Frank, in case you worked in this direction, would it be possible to 
publish your work?

Anyone from the Perl group interested in joining this effort?

The current code is available at 


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