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Re: Segfault in DBD::Firebird

Le 04/07/2012 20:50, Nicholas Bamber a écrit :
> On 04/07/12 11:01, x.guimard@free.fr wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I. Think that I can't open a bug since 1.00 isn't pushed on unstable, can I ?
> Xavier,
> 	I meant use 'apt-get source libdbd-firebird-perl' to get the current
> sources (as known by Debian rather the Debian Perl Group) and see if
> that builds from scratch (inside a chroot if necessary). If not that is
> a serious bug.
> 	But you are right that if the current version builds okay then its not
> a bug but just an obstacle to upgrade.


I've build 0.91 in a chroot without problem, but when I try this new
test with 0.91, it fails.

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