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Re: new package review: libunicode-stringprep-perl

On 12-06-23 at 10:22am, gregor herrmann wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Jun 2012 17:22:49 -0700, Ioan Rogers wrote:
> > > Done, and some simple TODO items noted in debian/changelog.
> > I just have a few questions on the TODO:
> > * For the upstream copyright years, the latest release is 2011, but 
> > the the module itself says 2007-2009. I assume it's okay to put 
> > 2007-2011?
> Yup, that's exactly would I'd use.

I disagree: I would mirror what upstream stated.

What you essentially do here is echo a declaration made by the author 
about which year(s) the author claims to hold copyright for the material 
and with which licensing attached.  When it comes to the process of 
echoing such things it is IMO bad to be creative.

You don't know if author claims copyright for the years not listed.

It is a separate issue what you do with the statements.  I agree that 
when author claims copyright for 2009 with a DFSG-free license attached, 
but the current release is clearly newer than that, I assume that 
licensing hasn't changed and it is ok for me to redistribute it with 
Debian - but I would make it clear that what I recieved from upstream 
and what I assumed myself.

 - Jonas

P.S. Only when upstream is _very_ sloppy do I "fill in the blanks", e.g. 
when using Module::Install that includes convenience copies of code from 
other projects below inc/.

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