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IPv6 enabling more modules (or: how to find reverse dependencies)


I have spent some time trying to IPv6 enable one of my frequently used
modules, libnet-telnet-perl, without much luck. All efforts to replace
IO::Socket with IO::Socket::IP (or Socket) have so far been fruitless.
I was aiming doing just minor changes, and thus creating a limited
diff, but it looks like a major rewrite is needed.

Instead of beating my forehead bloody on that module, I'm thinking on
a new plan: work on modules depending on IO::Socket::INET.

But there I hit a really hard obstacle: which modules do depend on
IO::Socket::INET? As this module is part of perl-base, there is no
easy way to find the reverse dependencies using dpkg/apt/etc. Is there
an easy/not too hard way to find those? The only viable method I can
think of is greping through the source code of all modules.


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