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Re: Net-Server 2.00x vs. Debian specific patches


On Thursday 07 June 2012, intrigeri wrote:
> Carsten Wolff wrote (07 Jun 2012 08:43:34 GMT) :
> > I have no simple instructions for testing the IPv6 Patch. I should
> > be able to do testing myself by the end of next week, though.
> Are you fine with doing such testing against a package I would have
> uploaded to sid already, or do you think I should wait for your
> tests first?

Yes, I would guess that's OK, considering the Squeeze version doesn't even 
have the patch. Even if small differences in behavior between 2.00 and the 
testing version turn up, I don't think that's a big problem. I trust that the 
upstream IPv6 support works in general and users of testing shouldn't expect 
perfect stability in the behavior of some new feature, IMO.

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