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Perl 5.16 in experimental

Perl 5.16 was uploaded to experimental earlier today. This is obviously
a post-wheezy targetted activity, but I thought it would be useful to get
some early visibility of the scope of issues this time round anyway.

The initial XS package rebuild results do not look bad; I've identified
around 13 perl 5.16 specific problems so far and will try and file bugs
for them this evening (no arch: all perl testing yet). Those bugs are
being tagged with perl-5.16-transition:


The results of the rebuild are available for i386 at


as before; you should be able to install perl from experimental together
with this extra apt source list entry to test most packages with perl 5.16.
Please note that this should not be attempted on any non-throwaway system
at this stage.


Dominic Hargreaves | http://www.larted.org.uk/~dom/
PGP key 5178E2A5 from the.earth.li (keyserver,web,email)

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