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Re: Like to join the team

On Mon, 23 Apr 2012 10:57:23 -0400, Brendan Byrd wrote:

> Hi.  I'm a long-time Perl coder and Debian admin, and I'd like to join
> your team to help out with Perl Debian packaging.  My Alioth username
> is sineswiper-guest.  (If you can remove the -guest part, that would
> be great.)  


I've added you to the pkg-perl project on Alioth now.

Please take a look at our documentation at
and ...

> I generally hang out with the DBI, DBIC, Catalyst, and
> Toolchain teams on irc.perl.org.
... feel free to join us in #debian-perl on irc.debian.org (= OFTC).

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