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Re: libhtml-wikiconverter-markdown-perl

On 03/20/2012 07:36 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Hi Jose (cc Debian Perl team),
> On 12-03-20 at 12:09am, Jose Luis Rivas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> git clone
>> git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/pkg-perl/packages/libhtml-wikiconverter-markdown-perl.git
>> cd libhtml-wikiconverter-markdown-perl/
>> git reset 0aa457a83fb3ea13dd840f8a4f4599052edabc54
>> You are done. Stop acting like a child. CDBS needed to be changed 
>> since none of the active people at that time new anything about it. 
>> Obviously no one knows now, neither, since every new package is 
>> maintained with dh and since collaboration is what pkg-perl is for, 
>> then that's what we do: stuff easy for other to collaborate. You 
>> didn't liked? Great, revert it to how you want it.
>> pkg-perl took over, not me. If you want it exclusively how you 
>> maintained and to no one touch it then put yourself as maintainer, not 
>> a group.
>> See? Was easier to do this with email, instead of writing anything on 
>> IRC.
> Call me childish all you like, but please discuss this matter in public 
> in the team we are both working together in.
> So you suggest me to throw away the work of others.  I dislike that 
> approach - which is *exactly* the reason we are having this dialogue:
> You evidently are (or was) eager to work on that package, so I simply 
> inform you that the way you work on it (which I feel is throwing away 
> work of mine) makes me loose interest in it, and I therefore inform you 
> that I've pulled out: do with that package as you please.
> For the record, here's what I wrote last night (european time) on IRC:
>> ghostbar: do what you want with libhtml-wikiconverter-markdown-perl - 
>> I have lost interest since you ripped the guts out of it
> Also for the record, generally if this team feels that my use of CDBS is 
> hurtful, then just tell me, and I will a) move away those packages I 
> care strongly about, b) remove myself as uploader for the rest, and c) 
> leave the team.
> Call me childish for not embracing short-form dh.  I will then call you 
> all childish for not embracing CDBS.  I do prefer a more mature 
> conversation though.

I do not want to feed the troll that's inside you, but let me get
something straight here:

+ If you don't like people working over things you done and changing the
things you did, then please, do not use licenses that state that
software is freely modifiable.

+ If you want people to ask you before working on something you worked
before, then please, do not use licenses that do not warn about that.

+ If you don't want people to work freely over things you did, besides
using a clear license about that, please, don't put that things into a
team who's objective is to collaborate freely in getting things done,
which clearly requires bigger changes as needed.

That's why I'm calling you childish, not for using CDBS, which is the
way I learned to package things for Debian and have no problem with it.
The reason why I changed it was to make things easier for a team to

If you "throw" other people's work and get things done, that's not an
issue, unfinished tasks are the issue, at least in a packaging team like

Please, stop it now. If you didn't liked your name in the uploaders
field you didn't needed excuses.
Jose Luis Rivas - GPG: 0x7C4DF50D / 0xCACAB118
The Debian Project Developer -- http://ghostbar.ath.cx
Barquisimeto, Venezuela

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