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Re: Join to Debian-Perl Team

Hi Askari

On Fri, Mar 09, 2012 at 11:45:53AM +0700, Askari Azikin wrote:
> Dear Debian-perl team,
> My name is Askari Azikin and working at Ericsson Indonesia as engineer. I
> have been using Debian since Debian Potato and really want to join to
> Debian-perl team. I have created some small programs with Perl Language to
> support my work activities although I am not a expert Perl programmer (here
> is the link (http://www.debianindonesia.org/blog/?page_id=818)) and still
> learning Perl until right now.
> This is my alioth account : kari-guest

Thanks a lot for your introduction. I just added you to the pkg-perl
Group on alioth. Welcome!

Please have a look at [1] for the Welcomepage and some introductory
notes. In case you have question, don't hesitate to ask either here on
the list or on IRC in #debian-perl!


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