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Re: Deploying Plack apps

On Wednesday 7. March 2012 07.34.19 Paul Wise wrote:
> There is wwwconfig-common, which was designed for the webserver side
> of your question.

So, that could in principle be extended to accommodate for all the different 
deployment options of Plack apps?

> Here is my standard rant about web-based software & Debian, please consider
> it:
> There is no way to know which filesystem path, database names, domain
> name and HTTP path the sysadmin wants a web-based app to be run at.


> Ideally, in the upstream code there would be a script/command that can
> be used to setup an instance of the software at a particular URL, with
> data stored in particular locations.
> Ideally, in the relevant Debian package there should be debconf
> prompts that act as input about whether to run and how to run the
> upstream instance setup script.

Yeah, that'd be nice. I don't know how easy it would be to get upstreams 
(beyond myself) to support something like that, but at least, it is worth 
thinking about, especially if it is doable for Wheezy.


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