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Re: Could someone take care of libgeo-ip-perl?

	Yes we can certainly take it over. People in the Perl group are usually
faster than me. By the way could you possibly make it all neat and tidy
by raising an orphan bug report for

On 05/02/12 12:27, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> Hello
> Some years ago, I've packaged libgeo-ip-perl, because it was used by some 
> people in the network under my administration.
> But now I'm no longer interested in this package, and have very little 
> resource.
> Could please someone take care of this package?
> I have a local git repo with all packaging history that I could send on 
> request (400k tar.bz2 file)
> There is an open bug requesting to package a new version.
> Nikita

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