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maintaining IO::Socket::INET6 (libio-socket-inet6-perl) with the Debian Perl team

Hi Masahito Omote--

I'm concerned about the status of IO::Socket::INET6 in in Debian
(libio-socket-inet6-perl).  It seems to be lagging behind upstream, and
with the perl 5.14 transition, we're starting to see a lot of warnings
generated by the package (e.g. http://bugs.debian.org/648939).

I believe that Salvatore (carnil) has already offered for the team to
take over the package from you, or to have you join the debian perl team
and maintain it with us.

I'm preparing an NMU of the new upstream version (2.67), with a
minimized debian/rules.  I've published the packaging at

If i don't hear back from you today, i'll go ahead and upload 2.67-0.1
as an NMU, and then upload 2.67-1 (with the perl packaging team set as
Maintainer, and including yourself as an Uploader) into DELAYED/10.

If you're up for joining us, that would be great.  You can review some
of the way the team is using git for collaborative maintenance here:


Please let me (and the perl packaging team) know if you have any other
suggestions about how to deal with this package.



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