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Joining the Perl Team

   My name is Robert James Clay and I would like to join the Debian Perl
Group;  my Alioth account is jame-guest.

    I am not yet a DM or DD (but would like to be) but I do have
experience with Debian packaging, maintaining a small utility in Debian
and also doing packaging for applications not (or not yet) in Debian,
but I want to gain more.

    Besides being of whatever help I can be with the existing modules,
there are several Perl modules that I'd like to see available that are
not currently in Debian:

- A Perl module that is associated with an application that is already
in Debian.
- Some Recommended/Suggested modules (the Required modules are, IIRC,
already present) for a web application that is not yet in Debian but is
intended to be.

There are also some modules I plan to package but I'm not sure for
Debian itself unless as some kind of bundle or other package that
provides multiple modules in the same name space.  They are on CPAN, but
who might be interested in them is somewhat limited...

Robert James Clay

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