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Re: help for test error on pbuilder but ok on dpkg-buildpackage (DBI/SQLite)

On Tue, 08 Nov 2011 11:21:12 +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:

> > Looking at http://bugs.debian.org/src:sqlite3 there are some new bugs
> > (#647933, #647842) which seem to indicate that the build of the new
> > version is somewhat broken, and the debian/rules file looks indeed
> > weird (where is CFLAGS ever used?).
> For info, new release v3.7.9-2 does not fix the issue,
> libdbd-sqlite3-perl still does not build

Hm, libdbd-sqlite3-perl (from git but there are no relevant changes)
builds fine for me in a sid i386 cowbuilder chroot which installs

And so does libbio-chado-schema-perl :)

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