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Re: Packaging libmonitoring-availability-perl

Salvatore Bonaccorso schrieb am Saturday, den 08. October 2011:

Hi Salvatore,

> I just noticed that you already tagged the RFP with 'pending' but did
> not saw any upload to the NEW queue. I would like to ask, if you
> already packaged it. The reason I ask is, that I just startet with the
> packaging of it in the Debian Perl Group repo [1].
>  [1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-perl/packages/libmonitoring-availability-perl.git
> So it is quite finished. Would you like to maintain
> libmonitoring-availability-perl yourself? Else I could maintain it
> under the Debian Perl Group umbrella.
It is aleady finished and I could bet I uploaded it. It seems my internet
connectivity in the car wasn't as good as I thought :). It should be uploaded
in a few minutes. Sorry if you had wasted work, but I think I tagged it
really early after the bug was filed.

Thanks for your work


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