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Re: joining Debian Perl

-=| b a, 24.09.2011 22:08:27 +0300 |=-
> Hey, I'm a programmer and I want to make some DEBs for CPAN 
> distributions.
> In particular I want to focus on libxml-fast-perl , I already have
> an early version of the DEB here
> https://github.com/wsdookadr/libxml-fast-perl , it's a working DEB,
> but I haven't yet signed it with my GPG key,
> haven't yet filled some files under debian/ package and some other things.
> I plan to package some other modules as well in the future.

Stefan said on IRC his username on alioth is wsdookadr-guest, so 
I have added him to the pkg-perl project.

Welcome aboard!

I guess you want to start by putting your work in our Git area. How to 
do it should be described on 

In case something is not clear (note the BETA sign), feel free to ask 
on IRC/list and perhaps propose patches :)

Welcome again!

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