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Minutes from the BoF at DebConf, 2011-07-28

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pkg-perl BoF at DebConf
today, locally or remote.

I'm pasting the notes taken with gobby below to have something like
more stable minutes.

Please feel free to ask for clarifications etc.




(#debconf-roundroom or better) #debian-perl

(or http://debconf11.debconf.org/watch.xhtml)


introduction round

- some old people,
- some new people (yay!)

test suites:

- run everything we can, except RELEASE_TESTS, AUTHOR_TESTS, 
  net-needing tests.
- more or less matching CPAN test policy

- possible issue with repacked/embedded copies?
- gregoa dramatically commits!
state of git migration:

test conversion:

map of svn history:

remaining issues:

- dh-make-perl moved from /tools; should be easy
- some other packages were renamed
  - given map file, we can fix.
New PET:

  - new (new) version 
  - mostly working
  - http://pet.debian.net/pkg-perl/pet.cgi
  - git://git.debian.org/pet/pet3.git

Removal Policy:

- attic for repos of removed packages

- Should we work on perl6 packages?
- Wait and see what CPAN does?
- If someone wants to package perl6 module within the team,   OK.

Perl 5.14
- targetted for wheezy?

Q: from IRC
- Will perl be upgraded in stable/squeeze-backports
- Answer (ansgar): basically impossible

Q: from Jonas
- Is CDBS a big problem for the team?
- Please *do* touch my package
A: not a big problem. Comment from db that he is "CDBS-tolerant"

Q: From diocles
- should we have NMU policy for non-team packages?
- refer to debian-policy

Q: request from dod, feedback on using Config::Edit::Model

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