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Migration to Git imminent

-=| Damyan Ivanov, Sat, Jul 23, 2011 at 04:02:53PM +0300 |=-
> Thanks to the work of ansgar, bremner, gregoa and me, it seems that 
> the migration from Subversion to Git is not only possible, but also 
> possible in the very near future.

A quick update, it appears the very neat future is indeed the upcoming 

>                         +---------------------+
>                         |   * DON'T PANIC *   |
>                         +---------------------+

Or do panic, but please share your concerns afterwards :)

> What is still to be done:
>  * test the actual migration anew and inspect closer for possible 
>    problems

The plan here is to split the raw svn repository copy made by David 
Bremner to several parts, which can be converted in parallel by 
several people.

>  * rewrite or write new documentation describing the process. With 
>    time we have accumulated a lot of documentation of the workflow 
>    with Subversion. This needs to be made for Git too, at least the 
>    basic stuff.

As it seems, this will be done after the migration, starting with the 
first questions that arise.

>  * rewrite/adapt utility scripts for Git. We have accumulated lots of 
>    scripts that proved very useful in the long run.

Gregor shared his intention to take a look in the packagecgeck and 
takeover-for-pkg-perl scripts. Thanks, gregor!

>  * PET2 has some missing pieces compared to PET. Also, ansgar is 
>    rewriting it yet again using radically different technologies 
>    (another scripting language and a zope templating engine). Help is 
>    welcome, especially with TAL.

Ansgar seems to have solved all the issues and the new PET looks very 
familiar. Rock-and-roll!


There is a possibility that during the BoF tomorrow, the conversion 
will be commencing. In any case, when the time comes, the subversion 
tree will be disabled for commits, with the notable exception of the 
scripts/ and website directories.


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