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Duplicate packages (svn/git)

The following packages are both in svn and git:

* get-flash-videos
  Empty git repo, I think someone wanted to move it to git after the
  upload, which happened in April.
  Please do so (or not :)) and remove one of the repos.

* libdevel-trace-perl
  Two different versions with different people in d/changelog.
  Both UNRELEASED and never uploaded.
  Please solve this somehow :)

* libev-perl
  Empty git repo, and never uploaded (embedded library).
  Whoever created the git repo please either use it (and rm the svn
  stuff) or delete it.
* libhash-withdefaults-perl
  Looks like this was moved from svn to git and the svn version can
  be removed? Carl?
* libhtml-html5-parser-perl
  Same as above. Jonas?
* libhtml-lint-perl
  Same as above. Jonas?


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