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Re: First package - libcgi-session-driver-memcached-perl

Nicholas Bamber schreef op do 28-04-2011 om 10:08 [+0100]:
> I had a look and I made some comments.


>   - upgrade your lintian to latest version
>   - Raise standards version to 3.9.2

Done and done.

>   - Put a fuller lng description

There's not really more that can be said about this module, I think.
It's fairly simple. I've already improved (slightly) upon the original
CPAN documentation :)

>   - Copyright year for upstream author?


>   - You seem to have some missing build dependencies. Try out pbuilder/cowbuilder/sbuilder.

I can't reproduce any missing deps. I build it using pdebuild, and it
comes out fine.

>   - versioning on libcgi-session-perl unnecessary


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