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Re: libnet-server-perl wheezy -> squeeze

On 04/27/2011 06:31 AM, tomas@tuxteam.de wrote:
> I'd like to get some advice/thoughts on the following: I'm writing a
> small Perl script which relies on libnet-server-perl, v 0.99-2 (found in
> wheezy/testing), especially because Proto::SSLEAY. Some of my users are
> on squeeze/stable.
> I might provide them with a backport. OTOH, libnet-server-perl is just
> Perl code, and it seems to find all its dependencies satisfied on
> squeeze; thus installing the wheezy version "directly" on squeeze Just
> Works (TM) (I tried that here).
> Can I just recommend installing the Wheezy version? Or are there some
> pitfalls in that?

I'd say it's a question of maintenance.  How do you want them to handle
future upgrades?

If you provide them with a backport, who will maintain that backport if
critical updates are needed?

If you tell them "install from wheezy", will you expect them to keep
upgrading to the latest wheezy versions as they come in?  What if future
versions actually introduce incompatible dependencies?

IMHO, the most responsible course is probably to commit to maintaining a
backport, perhaps in debian-backports, so other people can benefit from
your work.

Then you could just point your users to the squeeze-backports repository
and tell them to:

 apt-get install libnet-server-perl/squeeze-backports

If you've never maintained a backport before, the instructions are here:




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