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Package libmime-base32-perl

Hi Keith

Thanks first of all for your updates to the libmime-base32-perl
package, I think this was your first one :-). Please note: Do not add
the tag when releasing a package. A DD reviewing the package will do
so when package is then finally ready for upload.

I have checked your changes, and found some items to review. These are
at least the following:

  - Add yourself to either Uploaders or do a Team upload
  - (optional) Bump Debhelper compat level to 8
  - Check for changes and Bump Standards-Version to current 3.9.2
  - Update debian/copyright (Furthermore, note that Upstream now added a
    copyright information explicitly, so update in particular the
    upstream stanza).

Could you fix them? Me or some other will then check the package
again. If you have questions, please reply to this, or you can also
ask on IRC, in #debian-perl, if someone is around we can help :-)

Thanks for your update so far, and best regards

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