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Re: [Pkg-parrot-devel] New version of parrot package is in mentors

Le mardi 12 avril 2011 02:27:32, Allison Randal a écrit :
> Request accepted. Welcome!

Thanks ! :-)

> Another perspective is that if Rakudo packaging is 
> going to be done as part of pkg-perl, and they're using svn, we might 
> want to use svn for pkg-parrot too. 

I'm also part of pkg-perl team. Part of the team already use git for perl 
packaging activities.

The team's objective is to package Perl distributions for Debian. Parrot is 
outside this objective. 

OTOH I'm pretty sure that most of the guys there will be happy to help (I've 
cc'ed pkg-team. Pkg-perl team: this is a good time to yell your support of 
parrot and rakudo ;-) )

> I guess it partly depends on where 
> we're likely get the most packaging help, from other Debian packagers or 
> from Parrot developers.

Well, depending on the issues we'll face, we might need help from both 
communities. :-) 

Having a dedicated project will let people from both sides join the parrot-pkg 
team without being too much involved in "the other side" ;-)

So, in summary, I'm still in favor of setting a git repository on alioth for 

All the best

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