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Re: Bug#621135: libwww-perl: Breaks partial upgrades from squeeze

severity 621135 severe
tag 621135 confirmed

It came up in our analysis that gsutil would be broken by this change. We raised #620478 to alert the package owner and it has now been raised to severe. If the package owner does not fix the bug it may well be NMU'ed in due course so a fix will get into sid.

The split up of the libwww-perl is an upstream change that was done at the request of the user base. I do not know the exact reasons for the split, but presumably they revolve around greater granularity. We specifically chose to push through the split NOW, because we are at the beginning of a release cycle so there is plenty of time for any issues arising out of the change to be dealt with.

	We will add the necessary versioned breaks clauses.


On 06/04/11 19:45, Adrian Bunk wrote:
Package: libwww-perl
Version: 6.01-2
Severity: serious

This is the continuation of a discussion in #621062:

Installation of recommendations is the default, but not mandatory
and not an excuse for missing dependencies.

HTML::Form are HTTP::Daemon part of libwww-perl in squezze, but not
anymore in sid, and are currently only recommended by libwww-perl.

E.g. gsutil needs HTML::Form.

Consider someone e.g. upgrades libwww-perl without upgrading gsutil
(or think what happens if someone adds the new libwww-perl to backports,
  or if the new libwww-perl moves into testing before all of the fixed
  packages have migrated to testing).

Your options are:
1. turn the Recommends into Depends until the release of wheezy or
2. add Breaks on the unfixed versions of all packages that need
    HTML::Form or HTTP::Daemon to libwww-perl or
3. move the remaining modules from libwww-perl into a new package
    named e.g. liblwp-perl and make libwww-perl a transitional package

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