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Some new packages


Because an internal application at work uses these (and because I am not 
keen to continue maintaining purely internal packages...), I've now 

 * libtext-levenshteinxs-perl
 * libxml-dtdparser-perl
 * libxml-writer-simple-perl

They're now in NEW, but are also available via my hg repositories at 
https://fortytwo.ch/hg/avbidder. (Build from hg: hg clone ...; get the 
orig tarball from CPAN and rename it; cd pkg-...; debian/hgpkg build)

I'll (try to) react to bug reports, but I'll not invest a lot of time in 
maintaining these packages.  If somebody wants to adopt them (personally 
or under the perl packaging group umbrella), that would be perfectly 
fine. Of course, if somebody just wants to send patches, that's fine as 

-- vbi

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