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Re: Hello

Aaron H Farias Martinez wrote:
Hello there My name is Aaron H Farias Martinez I've been using debian
for years already more than 5 years, I'm actually studying computer
Science, and I've been studying Perl for more than 1 year already, which
I'm really interested, on learning with the more complex task, and will
love for elite to help me out, I'm a fast Learner, and I've been reading
a lot in the Perl, group which i am very confident of becoming, a great
help for the project, Here is my Alioth account info, my user name is
aaronm-guest and I'm from Miami Fl, and I love to write and edit free
source, coding since is free, ;) Well guy's thank you a lot, for
everything, more than thankful for debian, and the helpers that Help
around all over there World, Here is one more, person that wants to join
to help out the community thank you a lot
Sincerely Aaron H Farias Martinez

You might be interested in joining me and other Perl guys at the Perl Oasis conference in Orlando (January 14th-16th):



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