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Re: RFS: libapp-cpanminus-perl

On Mon, 20 Dec 2010 12:46:00 +0100, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:

> Hi everybody,

> I've just taken the ownership of the ITP bug (#579147) for 
> libapp-cpanminus-perl [0] since the previous owner do not have the time for 
> this anymore.
> The license is the same as Perl (GPL-1+ or Artistic).

Minor general side remarks:
- You don't need to send an RFS mail, if the package's distribution
  is set to unstable in d/changelog it will show up in PET's "Ready
  for upload section" automatically.
- We usually use debian-perl@lists.debian.org for discussions, the   
  pkg-perl-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org is more for automated
> I've already done most of the work and uploaded to the svn repo [1] (I hope
> in the right way :D).

Looks good :)
> The package seems to be lintian clean.

I: libapp-cpanminus-perl: description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly

(Please run lintian always with options like
"lintian -i -I --show-overrides --pedantic --color auto" foo.changes)
(-I for "I: " tags and --pedantic for "P: " tags)

> I would be glad if someone uploaded it for me.

I've added a few tiny TODO items at the top of debian/changelog.
If you fix the issues (and remove the TODOs and set the distribution
to unstable) I or someone else will see it in PET and upload it :)

Thanks for your work!

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