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Re: "Please drop perl dependency" bugs

Hello Brendan,

Brendan O'Dea [2010-11-11 20:03 +1100]:
> Out of curiosity, is there a particular reason why you would like to
> remove Perl?

We are always looking for ways to fight the overflow of our
installation CDs, and also we just generally want to have a lean and
mean system. Perl (and in general, language runtimes) isn't something
that the average desktop user expects to find in a default
installation, so it's one of the things which would help to free up
install and CD space (8 MB for perl itself, and an extra 5 to 10 for
dropped extra perl modules) without impacting desktop features.

We have also faced this problem a lot for custom projects. E. g. we
are working a lot in the ARM hardware space these days, where we often
have requirements to fit an entire (small) desktop into a 512 MB root
partition. I was able to do that with a lot of tricks [1], one of
which was to remove Perl. (Of course in these kinds of projects you
just have one hardware configuration and a well defined set of use
cases, so you can pretty much completely throw general policies over

> Right.  Pulling apart the Perl packages into separate chunks at all
> was contentious with upstream and not supported, but we got by because
> in general all of Perl was installed by default, excepting the docs
> which we worked around the docs with a diversion.  Shipping just
> perl-base by default will not go down well.

Ah, so you think that splitting out packages from perl-modules
shouldn't be done then?



[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReducingDiskFootprint

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