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Re: can i join your guild ?

On Sun, 19 Sep 2010 15:44:26 +0200, Marc Chantreux wrote:

> My packaging resume is: 
> - debian and perl user since the last millenium
> - maintainer of my own repository ( dh-make-perl + dpkg-scanpackages )
>   for many years.
> - wrote some dh-make-perl bugfixes long time ago. 
> - author of cpan2port (dh-make-perl for macports) 

Nice :)
> I work at Biblibre (http://biblibre.com) (leader of koha ILS
> developpement) and koha as well as our backoffice rely on perl modules i
> would like to see packaged in debian.
> I join this list (again) and would like to join the perl group to:
> - maintain the packages my own packages ( ./debian in the mainstream)
>   or those i daily use.
> - fix dh-make-perl by myself if you don't mind (i found and localy
>   fixed a bug)

Thanks for your offer to help, we can always need more helping hands!
> i created an alioth repo: eiro-guest. 

I've added you to the pkg-perl project on Alioth now - welcome

Unless you've already been there, please take a look at the docs
linked from http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/Welcome
and just ask here on the list or on #debian-perl (OFTC) if you have
any questions.

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