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Re: [OT] Subversion -> Git on my personal repository

-=| Peter Pentchev, Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 06:53:48PM +0300 |=-
> Apologies in advance for those who feel that this post is not 
> suitable for this august (or is it September nowadays?) forum; 
> I know it has got almost nothing to do with Perl in Debian - I'd 
> just like to shamelessly make use of your collected Subversion & Git 
> experience :)

It is not completely out of band as the topic of migrating pkg-perl to 
Git comes every now and then. I'll seize this oportunity to irradiate 
debian-perl readers with some Git propaganda :)

> The main point is, my "trunk" directory contains several 
> subdirectories for different aspects of the confget development 
> - confget/ has the real source tree, confget-pkg/ has various 
> packaging stuff (e.g. confget-pkg/debian/ ought to be 
> self-explanatory for the crowd here ;), and confget-web/ is 
> a trivial website.  When I tag something, I don't copy the full 
> trunk/ directory, but only the component I need: "svn copy 
> trunk/confget tags/confget-1.02-release" and "svn copy 
> trunk/confget-pkg/debian tags/confget-1.02-1-debian-01".

As I see it, it is your fault :P

You mix three separate (although related) projects in the same trunk/ 
and the consequences strike back. What I'd do is split that in three 
separate git repositories, one for configlet "real" trunk 
(trunk/configlet now), branches and tags, one for the website and one 
for the packaging work (no branches and tags). So you will still end 
up with configlet/, configlet-pkg/ and configlet-web/ directories, 
each tracking changes independently.

For aestethical reasons I'd probably rename these to "src", "pkg" and 
"web" and put them in a "configlet" directory.

It is also possible that you want to mix the packaging with the 
mainstream sources. One way to do it would be to create a branch for 
every downstream project (debian, freebsf, redhat, whetever), which 
tracks master (or lenny, squeeze, whatever) and adds the files 
relevant to the packaging (debian/ and whatever is needed by the 
others). Not sure it this makes sense, I have never done something 
like this for multiple downstream channels.

One last bit, which is not of much relevance to the core issue. You 
mentioned hosting all of it at Gitoruous. I wonder what's the problem 
with hosting it yourself, as you already do for svn?

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