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Re: Introduction

-=| Tim Retout, Sat, Sep 11, 2010 at 08:17:28PM +0100 |=-
> On 11 September 2010 18:49, Anton Piatek <anton@piatek.co.uk> wrote:
> > Tim Retout gave an inspiring talk today for the Hampshire LUG, it was
> > so inspiring in fact, that I have decided to actually start packaging
> > some perl modules for Debian as a result (having attempted to get
> > involved with Debian for years, and never quite succeeding)
> Thank you!  Welcome to the team.  Are you subscribed to the mailing
> list already?
> If you send your alioth account name to the mailing list, and request
> to join the pkg-perl group, I'm sure someone will approve it.

Anton already requested to join the pkg-perl project on alioth and 
I just approved it. Welcome aboard!

The usual place to start reading about group's ways and habits is 

In case of questions feel free to mail this list or ask on 
#debian-perl IRC channel (irc.debian.org/OFTC)

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