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Re: my suggestion for multiple upstream tar balls

On Fri, 27 Aug 2010 15:38:22 +0100, Nicholas Bamber wrote:

> The obvious thing to me would seem to be to store the current versions in
> debian/source/versions
> This file would consist of lines of the form
> URL space version-number  new-line.

Take a look at libcatalyst-modules-perl, there's something similar
(tarballs/packages.cfg + scripts)
> Although human readable and part of the packaging source code, it
> would be maintained entirely by uscan and driven by the watch file.
> uscan would not bother to create a versions file if there was only
> one rule in the watch file and the version number in
> debian/changelog made sense to it.

uscan integration sounds nice.

Even nicer would be to use the multi-tarball feature of source format
v3, but TTBOMK svn-buildpackage/-inject/-upgrade don't handle it yet.

In any case, improvements to this multi-dist packages would be much
appreciated, currently they are a pain to deal with.


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