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New at alioth


  I'm Iñigo Tejedor Arrondo, as known as "poisonbit" at irc.

  I use Debian since many years ago (about potato being stable and
woody testing) and I'm learning Perl more recently (less than two

  I would like to help both fantastic pieces of free software, I've
read your instructions, and registered at alioth the "poisonbit"-guest

  This is my presentation email, and I'm planing to start by reading,
learning and observing my first days, before start to work seriously
in Dancer:: packaging and help fixing bugs on available packages.

  And I would like to use my first email, to ask where I can read (doc
or code) about best practices when upstream is at github + cpan, and
about split distributions in more than one package.

Nice to meet you, Debian Perl Group.


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