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Re: Hoping to be of use (as well as getting my packages uploaded....)


Are you using irc.debian.org (OFTC)? You can also connect via OFTC's
pool, irc.oftc.net



On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 7:18 AM, Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk> wrote:
> Everyone,
>     Thanks for the welcome and the friendly discussion. The link to the list
> of packaging teams is very helpful and I appreciate the efforts to make it
> more prominent in future.
>     I have run svn-inject on libencode-hanextra-perl. I'd like to see how
> that goes before proceeding any further.
>     Also the irc server seems to be down at the moment.
> Nicholas
> Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> Hi,
> first of all welcome to the Perl group :-)
> Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk> writes:
>    Do you mean you have never needed to apply for developershipness?
> Not everything I am interested in is a perl module (or even perl)  so
> I might have to.
> Our group has very active sponsors (gregoa++) and does not suffer a lack
> from official Debian Developers that I heard some other groups have to
> fight with.  So at least for Perl modules there is no need to become a
> DD unless you want to.
> I also would like to point out the Debian Maintainers system [1] that
> Debian has introduced some time ago.  It allows you to upload selected
> packages that you maintain and it is much, much easier to become a
> Debian Maintainer compared to becoming a Debian Developer.  Of course
> you can also become a DM first and then proceed to become a DD.
> [1] <http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer>
> Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk> writes:
> Okay if I understand things it's like this. In general Debian the
> prospective package maintainer does the packaging work to the best of
> his ability and hands it over to someone with upload privileges. The
> person with upload privileges rebuilds and sanity checks the packages
> and only if satisfied does he actually upload the package. Further to
> that he has the right to set his own additional conditions  to make
> his life easier - it is after all a thankless and unpaid task. So if
> one fulfils all the conditions for generic Debian, but not fulfilled
> the conditions for a specific sponsor, then he must redo the work to
> the satisfaction of the sponsor (okay the bulk of the effort should
> carry across). To the unwise novice this all looks like Debian  is
> just putting obstacles in his path - that as soon as he reaches one
> summit, the clouds part and he realizes he must climb one
> more. However it is not thus. Rather the obstacles are there to prove
> that the novice is worthy - because many set out on the path and
> return disappointed, the obstacles serve to separate the determined
> from the less so.
> I am sorry if you perceived it this way and I certainly understand that
> one can get this impression.  As Damyan already explained some of these
> are conventions within our group that you could not know beforehand.  On
> the other hand, joining a packaging group is often recommended to new
> beginners, but many only read about this after they have already worked
> on the package leading to extra work for them.  I just filed two bug
> reports [2][3] to make packaging groups a little more visible to new
> contributors -- thanks for your suggestion on that.  Please do not
> hasten to suggest other places where you would like to have seen this
> information before.
> [2] <http://bugs.debian.org/591702>
> [3] <http://bugs.debian.org/591705>
> A small warning: gregoa is very thorough in his package review, but he
> is not stricter than for his own uploads.  (There is a criticism that
> Debian is stricter in reviewing packages by non-DDs compared to those
> uploaded by DDs and I think there is some truth to that, but this might
> a bit off-topic.)
> You are of course also welcome on our IRC channel (#debian-perl).  Feel
> free to ask any questions you might have :-)
> Regards,
> Ansgar

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