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Re: Bug#436105: suggestion to add GPL-1 as a common licence

On 11.06.2010 14:25, Andrew McMillan wrote:

If the code is v1-or-later then a trivial fork (by the original
developer) is able to relicense it as v2-or-later or v3-or-later.  If
the original developer is unhappy with doing that, then they do have
uncommon licensing desires.

It would be illegal.
You can act as if there is v2-or-later, but you cannot
apply additional restriction on original code, so the
old code is still v1-or-later.

Note in GPLv3 there could be a "proxy" authority
to allow increment base license number, but AFAIK
few project define such proxy in the code, and
it is only from GPLv3.

PS: you can fork and add a new GPL-v2-or-later file,
which automatically cause the aggregate work and binary
to be GPL-v2-or-later, but: (1) debian/copyright is about
pure source licenses; (2) the source file license is
not changed.


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