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Re: KinoSearch Transition

On Wed, May 05, 2010 at 08:28:56AM -0400, Jonathan Yu wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> [If you're not interested in the details, please at least read the two
> sections in numbered list format and comment]
> Please allow me to first describe what happened.
> 1. The current version of KinoSearch (libkinosearch-perl) in Debian is
> the latest non-development version, 0.165.
> 2. Version 0.165 upstream has been forked into a module called
> KinoSearch1 1.00 (the stable branch)
> 3. The latest upstream version of KinoSearch is 0.30_10, which has not
> yet been a problem for us, because it is a development version
> 4. KinoSearch 0.30 (the unstable/bleeding edge branch) is incompatible
> with current software that uses KinoSearch
> Now, along with the fork, the module namespace has been changed as
> well. So software currently depending on KinoSearch will need to
> depend on KinoSearch1, or we'll get some massive breakages.
> Essentially, software needs to be patched to "use KinoSearch1" instead
> of "use KinoSearch" -- however, there are no reverse dependencies of
> the package yet. The only Debian package that needs it is the
> as-yet-to-be-uploaded, MojoMojo.
> Discussing the issue on #debian-perl, Ansgar replied:
> 08:19:35 < ansgar> jawnsy: If it is not compatible, there is no need
> for a dummy package.
> 08:20:15 < ansgar> jawnsy: Actually having one would break more
> things: If foo depends on libkinosearch-perl and the latter is
>                    replaced by a dummy package, it wouldn't work anyway.
> 08:20:26 < ansgar> jawnsy: (as the namespace changed)
> So, the current plan is this:
> 1. Upload a new (and completely separate) libkinosearch1-perl
> 2. Once the package is accepted, re-upload libkinosearch-perl (as-is,
> with version 0.165) and notify users via NEWS that the package is to
> be replaced by libkinosearch1-perl
> 3. Wait some appropriate_time_interval (please discuss)
> 4. Request removal of libkinosearch-perl
> 5. At some later point, consider replacing libkinosearch-perl with the
> newest upstream branch (the unstable/development branch), or maybe
> releasing that as libkinosearch3-perl to avoid confusion (though
> upstream uses the KinoSearch namespace for this)...

This sounds fine. It might be wise to remove upload libkinosearch1-perl
ASAP, and remove libkinosearch-perl before it gets into squeeze, since
it's not currently in any stable distribution.


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