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Re: Bug#577045: libmodern-perl-perl vs libmodern-perl

On Sun, 18 Apr 2010 15:41:34 -0400, Jonathan Yu wrote:

> >> I fully agree with this course of action, as long as you're careful
> >> that reverse dependencies of libmodern-perl are identified and fixed.
> >> Otherwise, we can also provide a temporary dummy package, but I think
> >> getting the reverse dependencies fixed should be our priority.
> > There are no reverse deps.  

Good, so we don't need a Provides.

> > I'm guessing Replaces: libmodern-perl
> > should be sufficient for unstable/testing folks that have
> > libmodern-perl installed?

No, that won't provide an upgrade path for current users of

> I believe it both Replaces libmodern-perl (that means files in
> libmodern-perl-perl overwrite ones in libmodern-perl) and 

It needs the versioned Replaces for this reason, right.
And a versioned Conflicts probably too.

> Provides
> libmodern-perl (ie, a virtual package). 

I currently don't see the need for a virtual package.

> Depending on what is needed,
> transitional empty binary packages may be needed as well. But if there
> are no reverse deps we don't need to bother with any of that, simply
> removing libmodern-perl should be good..

That will make current users of libmodern-perl unhappy.
A transitional dummy package depending on libmodern-perl-perl will
pull in the new package.
(And then we don't need a removal request, the old source package is
just garbage-collected.)
This also needs a higher version number (libmodern-perl has 1.03-2,
libmodern-perl-perl has 1.03-1).

gregor, who hopes that he got everything right :)

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