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Re: Bug#577209: nmu: Please schedule binNMUs against libdbi-perl

On Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 03:38:16PM +0200, gregor herrmann wrote:
> It looks like the arch:any packages build-depending on libdbi-perl
> need binNMUs against the new libdbi-perl 1.610.90-1.

I don't think this is quite enough. What's preventing breakage on partial
upgrades where libdbi-perl is upgraded but libdbd-*-perl isn't?

For reference, I assume this is about

 ii  libdbd-pg-perl       2.17.1-1             Perl DBI driver for the PostgreSQL database server
 ii  libdbi-perl          1.610.90-1           Perl Database Interface (DBI)

 % perl -MDBI -e 'DBI->connect("dbi:Pg:foo")'
 install_driver(Pg) failed: DBI/DBD internal version mismatch (DBI is v95/s208, DBD Pg.xsi expected v94/s208) you probably need to rebuild the DBD driver (or possibly the DBI).
 Compilation failed in require at (eval 3) line 3.

This comes from DBISTATE_VERSION in DBIXS.h, and I see it's the first
time the number changed in more than ten years (DBI-1.13 on CPAN has
94 already.)

I suppose just adding libdbi-perl Breaks: entries for the current versions
of libdbd-*-perl would be enough.

For a full binNMU-compatible solution, libdbi-perl could use
 Provides: perl-dbiabi-95
or something like that, and the libdbd-*-perl packages should do the
same trick when they generate their dependencies.

Also, I doubt these are really needed:

> nmu libdbix-oo-perl_0.0.9-2 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against new libdbi-perl."
> nmu libpoe-component-dbiagent-perl_0.26-1 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against new libdbi-perl."
> nmu libtfbs-perl_0.5.svn.20091128-1 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against new libdbi-perl."
> nmu olive_1.3-3 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against new libdbi-perl."
> nmu sympa_5.4.7-1 . ALL . -m "Rebuilt against new libdbi-perl."

as they don't seem to be DBD plugins and three of them are Arch:all anyway.

Hope this makes sense,
Niko Tyni   ntyni@debian.org

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