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Re: AptPkg::* + Dpkg::* not in CPAN

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 8:50 AM, Jozef Kutej <jozef@kutej.net> wrote:
Hi Jozef
is there a reason for not uploading the AptPkg and Dpkg and probably more
internal Debian modules to CPAN?
I'm guessing that this is because apt-get and dpkg are utilities that happen to be written in perl. While the Debian Perl group focuses on bringing more Perl goodies to Debian. I might be wrong here so I help that someone else corrects me here :)

It could even be that the authors of such utilities are not even subscribed to this mailing list. Maybe you could contact them and ask them if they would like to upload their code to CPAN too.
If CPAN can have Win32 specific modules why not
also Debian? It would be convenient to have all the Pod in one place.
Emmanuel Rodriguez

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