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Re: dh-make-perl overrides

On Sat, 20 Feb 2010 09:49:23 +0200, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

> There is this little known feature of dh-make-perl, the overrides, 
> that I want to drop.

Go for it!
> The overrides is a mechanism to forsibly correct some values that 
> dh-make-perl guesses wrong. 

Thanks for the explanation, until now I never understood what they
are actually supposed to do :)

> I find this feature a gross hack coming from the times when 
> dh-make-perl was a little puppy. 


> I think overrides are hardly ever used, and would like to try to phase 
> them out. I suggest a three stage process:
>  * declare overrides as deprecated. The sample override file is moved 
>    to examples and marked as deprecated with a pointer to this thread 
>    for "objections".
>    A warning is issued whenever an override file is discovered. 
>    Everithing still works as before.
>  * wait for some months (squeeze?) for feedback from users.
>  * either drop it or keep it (but with rationale)
> Alternatively, we may drop the feature right away, issuing a warning 
> ("overrides no longer used") when an override file is found and see if 
> we get any bug reports :)

Or just wait a week and see what people say here; if noone
uses/favours overrides drop them right away, otherwise go the
deprecation route.

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