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Proposed Removal of Net::Lite::FTP


I propose we remove Net::Lite::FTP rather than upgrading. Here is my rationale:

1. No reverse dependencies

2. Net::Lite::FTP and Net::FTP::Lite by the same author, the latter
has only stub documentation from h2xs, the former barely has any
documentation at all

3. Popcon score 70 installed (good), 3 recent (bad)... what we're
seeing is that people are installing it, taking a look at it, and then
realizing it's not useful, and therefore not touching it recently.

4. The package is inconsistent and doesn't seem to follow the latest
standards of Perl module packaging upstream -- ie, Meta.yml  M.yml

5. Barely any test coverage -- it only has one test, and it doesn't
seem to do any actual live tests.

6. Net::FTP is in Perl core (package perl) since 5.7.3 (note also,
Net::FTP is maintained by Graham Barr, a prominent Perl author)

7. There are two upstream bugs outstanding for years (filed 2 and 4
years ago) - see



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