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Re: Bug#559770: libwordpress-xmlrpc-perl embeds wordpress' xmlrpc


Thank you for your bug report.

It should be noted that this module is destined for removal from
unstable and testing due to some new dependencies (LEOCHARRE::
modules) which we would rather not package. The code quality of those
files was questionable (such as dumping random things into the main
namespace), and the consensus amongst the group was that removal of
Wordpress-XMLRPC was the best option.

Given that this module is not yet in stable, I'm not sure whether we
should spend the time investigating this -- the package
libwordpress-xmlrpc-perl will be removed from testing and unstable
some time this week, probably over the next few days unless
significant objections are raised and a suitable solution is

For discussion of the removal, please see:

This would seem to be the final nail in the coffin for this package.



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