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Re: Debian packages for project builder

Hello Xavier,

Xavier Oswald said on Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 10:20:25AM +0200:

(Yeah, I know :-( so lae handling all the backlog)

> > I'm developing a tool called project-builder.org (aka pb) in order to
> > make i easy for upstream projects, as weel as packager to
> > create/maintain packages for a project.
> > 
> > URL: http://trac.project-builder.org

> > I've of course made .deb packages for Debian stable (5.0) available at

Now with the new version just announced at

> > The project is written entirely in perl, is still lacking good
> > documentation, but helps me generate packages for 50+ different distributions 
> > sharing a single repository for meta-data. Projects using it right now
> > are pb itself, MondoRescue, LinuxCOE and probably GOsa2.

Still true ;-) However, I'm working on a 2 hours training for HP people
next week, so hopefully I'll have some more material to share soon.

> I would be happy to help you and when we are ready, I can upload it to debian
> and have you as Co-Maintainer + DM flag.

I hope the current package is more in line with Debian recommendations.

>  + Update debian policy Standards-Version, debian/compat

Done. Please let me know if this is now correct.

>  + Add a description line and a whole description


>  + Add missing depends (and try to build it with pbuilder to find out what is
>    missing..)

Still need to work on this. I'm just working on adding debootstrap as a
VE possibility for project-builder.org. Will improve the package once
this is done.

>  + Add Xs- option to tell where the source git/svn is in debian/control

I didn't used Xs- as it seems the rules has changed, but provided the

>  + Use our new debian/copyright format
>    http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat/Archive

I'm not sure whether this proposal is really in effect or not. And I did
not really understood what the rule was. So I didn't change my way of
doing it right now.

> Feel free to tell me when it's updated and I will have another deeper look.

Thanks for your proposal.

Best regards,
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